dumbbell rack

I alternate between two workouts every few days. Both are designed to add muscles, as outlined in Occam’s Protocol (page 197) in “The 4-Hour Body” [Amazon | iTunes aff. links].

Workout A

  1. Yates row x 7 (page 211)
  2. Shoulder-width barbell overhead press x 7 (page 201)
  3. (optional) Abdominal exercises
    • Myotatic crunch x 10 (page 176)
    • Cat vomit x 10 (page 178)

Video: Yates Row: Dorian Yates demonstrating bent-over barbell row.

Video: Shoulder-width barbell overhead press

Video: Myotatic crunch

Workout B

  1. Slight incline bench press with shoulder-width grip x 7 (page 200)
    • note 1-second pause at bottom
  2. Squat x 10 (page 201) [dumbbell squat, for those without a power rack]
  3. (optional) Kettlebell swings x 50 (page 165) [T-handle video and info]
  4. Stationary bike x 3 min.

Video: Slight incline bench press

Video: Kettlebell swing, by Tim Ferriss

Video: Tim Ferriss shows how to make a T-handle, a kettlebell replacement.

I do a 5/5 cadence — 5 seconds up, then 5 seconds down — for Nos. 1 and 2 of both workouts. If I don’t complete (n-1) reps of either Nos. 1 or 2, I stop the workout for the day, though I do the optional exercises.

I take 3-minute breaks between each exercise.

If you want to know more, take a look at how I did or what equipment I use. Tim Ferriss’ blog has exercise demos for the geek-to-freak challenge.

Workout C [added Dec. 3]

  1. Kettlebell swings x 75 (page 165) [T-handle video and info]
  2. Myotatic crunch x 15 (page 176)
  3. (alternate Fridays) Single-arm kettlebell swings x 25 [video]

Workout D [added Dec. 5]

  1. Iso-lateral dumbbell incline bench press, 3 sets x 5
  2. Yates row, 3 sets x 5
  3. Reverse drag curls, 2 sets x 6

Video: Iso-lateral dumbbell incline bench press

Video: Reverse drag curl