Project Bulk


What is Project Bulk?

Project Bulk is my attempt to gain upper body muscles and tone my figure. I read how in “The 4-Hour Body” [Amazon | iTunes aff. links] by Tim Ferriss, but I wanted to see if it actually worked.

Most of my adult life, I’ve been skinny at 120 pounds. I set a goal of gaining 10 pounds in 30 days and reduce my body fat percentage. I launched it on Sept. 1, 2012, but I didn’t make this site public until Oct. 1.

Off and on, I’ve run and walked for exercise. I took up yoga this year but have not practiced it regularly.

Who are you?

Wade KwonI’m Wade Kwon, a communications consultant in my hometown, Birmingham, Ala. Learn more about my work on my company site, Birmingham Blogging Academy.

Read more about me on my bio page.


Why should I read this blog?

1. You’ll get a kick out a scrawny nerd working out with weights for the first time in his life.

2. You’ll enjoy seeing me gripe about not eating enough calories and not gaining enough weight.

3. You’ll love the photos of me topless as I document my triumphs and setbacks.

4. You’ll live vicariously through me. Warning: You’ll be living vicariously through me.

5. You’ll see the numbers regularly that show my triumphs and my setbacks.

Why did you start Project Bulk?

1. To see if it could be done with short workouts and big meals. Sloth!

2. To see if the book is truthful. Skepticism!

3. To improve my physique. Vanity!

4. To build confidence. Self-actualization!

5. To get healthier. Self-improvement!

Why did you share it online?

I believe that public accountability will help me stick with it. I’ve seen other fitness bloggers do it with astounding results.

I also want people to benefit from it, whether I succeed or fail. I like to share and to teach, so this is a natural fit.

What kind of workouts did you do?

I did lifting with barbells and dumbbells, along with additional exercises that included a homemade kettlebell. The details are on the Workouts page.

How did you track everything?

I set up two documents in Google Docs, now called Google Drive. Take a look at the Measurements page.

How did you determine your body fat percentage?

I have it measured at Lakeshore Foundation in the BodPod.

Three places in the Birmingham, Ala., area offer BodPod assessments for the public.

Refrain from eating or drinking 2 to 4 hours or exercising 1 hour before assessment. (Don’t forget like I did, forcing me to reschedule.)

Wear a form-fitting outfit, such as Speedo or compression shorts and swim cap. Tip: If you ask nicely in advance at Lakeshore, they will provide compression shorts and swim cap.

What workout equipment did you use?

I have a full list on the Equipment page.

What recipes did you use?

They’re scattered through several posts tagged “recipe.”

How can I follow this blog?

In the right sidebar, you can sign up for emailed updates or add the RSS feed to your reader. (More on RSS from my pal Paul Stamatiou.)

What’s your comment policy?

Be nice, or at least, be funny. I reserve the right to remove your comment for any reason, or to make fun of you, or both. (Yes, as site dictator, I can be bitchy.)

Where did the photos come from?

I want to ask you about …

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How can I contact you?

The Contact page knows all.