Day 218: I’ve reached my limit!

Day 218 - front

Day 218 – front

  • Weight: 137.8 lbs.
  • No workout today; next: Workout C, April 8
  • Total inches: 124.4
  • Protein: 121 g (9 g under target)
  • Calories: 2,717

I’m stuck!

It’s a good kind of stuck. For my Yates row reps, I have completed the required reps at 135 pounds. The next stage is 150 pounds, but I don’t have large enough weight plates to move on.

Every big weight I can fit on the barbell is on there. I could strap on an extra 10 pounds (four 2.5-lb. plates), but it’s still not enough.

I’ve looked on Craigslist and found several barbell and dumbbell sets available for purchase at fairly low prices.

Perhaps the only way to continue is to not only bulk up my muscles and my eating, but my collection of home gym equipment, too.

Or, if you wish to donate your unused plates to my cause, they will be cheerfully accepted. (Please, no 2.5-lb. plates.)

Day 217 - side

Day 217 – side