Day 253: Feelings, noting more than feelings

Day 253 - front

Day 253 – front

  • Weight: 138.0 lbs.
  • Workout C: 30 minutes, 23 seconds; next: Workout C, May 13
  • Total inches: 123.9
  • Protein: 113g (17g under target)
  • Calories: 2,379

Amanda asks:

Kudos! But how are you FEELING?

My answer:

I feel great!

I am stronger, I feel more confident about my body. I have learned a ton about nutrition, weights, exercise and more. And I look forward to continuing to shape up and reduce my body fat percentage.

I noticed more of a change when I walked and jogged on a regular basis a few years ago. It was a big investment of time, but I had better aerobic capacity and speed.

Lifting weights has improved my strength and shape over time. But it’s much easier to notice improvements in walking, something I do from the moment I get out of bed.

How often do I lift heavy objects? Almost never. I’m a desk jockey. The only thing I have to lift is my phone, my beverage and my butt.

So physically, this transformation has been more subtle from my perspective. But mentally, I do like the added confidence and better self-image.

And I know much more about how I can continue to transform and improve my body. Whatever limits I had imposed on myself are disappearing.

What a feeling.

Day 252 - side

Day 252 – side