Day 49: Milestone

Day 49 - front

Day 49 – front
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  • Weight: 132.0 lbs.
  • No workout today. Next: Workout B on Oct. 22.
  • Total inches: 121.1
  • Protein: 131 g (8 g over target)
  • Calories: 2,534
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I hit one of my original milestone goals today. I gained 10 pounds.

I thought it would take only 30 days, but I was guessing based on limited information.

I started out at 121.8 pounds, a weight I’ve been for my entire adult life. To be up 10.2 pounds in 49 days is a small miracle. I can project that if I stay the course, by Day 100 on Dec. 9, I will be 141.8 pounds, adding 20 pounds total.

weight - day 49

Weight: Day 49

Why that date and weight? I figure that if my ratio of what I gain stays constant, that will mean roughly 10 pounds more of muscle, and consequently 10 more pounds of fat.

That’s not to say Dec. 9 would be a stopping point. It depends on how I look, too. If I look brawny and muscular, mission accomplished.

But if I feel like I need more toning and shaping, a more likely scenario, I can tinker with daily protein intake, daily calorie intake, frequency and type of workouts. Perhaps it will be back to normal caloric intake (roughly 1,700 to 2,000 a day), the same higher protein intake and a twice weekly kettlebell workout to develop my arms.

I can feel the difference, but not in a “I have all kinds of energy” way. It’s more of me getting used to my new shape, which is rounder in the middle and has some trouble with pants.

But getting here was very easy. I can’t pretend to say it was that challenging to gorge myself or exercise moderately every few days. It took discipline to record all the numbers and to eat enough calories a day. But I wanted it to be easy, so that quitting wouldn’t be an option.

See you at 140.

Day 49 - side

Day 49 – side