Day 46: Fat pants

Day 46

Day 46
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  • Weight: 131.2 lbs.
  • Workout A: 21 minutes, 53 seconds. Next: Workout B on Oct. 22.
  • Total inches: 120.5
  • Protein: 150 g (27 g over target)
  • Calories: 2,559
  • See more measurements.

Being the same weight for your entire adult life, some two decades, allows for certain luxuries. Jeans that endure, long past when style or an errant knee hole would otherwise require they be tossed or donated.

I have old pants. I have old shirts. I have clothes from the previous millenium along with items purchased in this very decade. They all fit fine.

A math guy like me should’ve figured out something in advance about Project Bulk. More food + workouts on free weights = bigger body, specifically waistline.

While my arms and hips have remained the same size in the last 6 weeks, my waist has increased from 31.4 to 34.5 inches, a jump of 3 inches.

My pants are snug, and I feel a little uncomfortable in them. A whole closet full of dress pants, casual pants and jeans, all perfectly sized for me before, are becoming constrictive.

(No problem with shirts. Dammit.)

As I continue to gain weight, I’m concerned about outgrowing all my nice pairs of pants, not so much the ancient jeans. I hadn’t considered the real possibility to having to re-outfit myself.

I’m dreading it. Not so much the expense — though I do buy based on quality, style, fit and durability — but the shopping. How I hate hate hate the shopping.

And, I’m not entirely sure that my waist might shrink in the future, either through modified exercise or reverting back to my previous eating habits.

I guess I can stick with elastic waistbands and sweatpants for now, to go along with new tank tops and a sparkly visor.