Day 34: The questions that remain

Day 34

Day 34
(See the gallery for more photos.)

  • Weight: 129.4 lbs.
  • Workout A: 21 minutes, 51 seconds. Next: Workout B on Oct. 10.
  • Total inches: 120.1
  • Protein: 153 g (31 g over target)
  • Calories: 2,247
  • See more measurements.

Entering month 2, the road ahead is easier to see.

  • Five workouts, instead of nine. No need to increase the recovery time, as 5 days is the maximum time required.
  • Steady on with eating. Weight has gone up fairly steadily, even with the regular up-down cycling.
  • Five or six posts, nothing back-breaking.
  • Daily photos and measurements.
  • Similar menu and grocery shopping.
  • Maybe, big maybe, some yoga or walking.

What remains uncertain is how much and how fast. I gained 3 pounds in 30 days, with nine workouts in 3 hours, 42 minutes. Let’s say the five workouts this month run about 20 minutes each, so 1 hour and 40 minutes. “The 4-Hour Body” [Amazon | iTunes aff. links] says this is plenty, as muscle growth takes time and protein.

So this 31-day period should tell me plenty about my muscle growth rate and how it affects my upper body. We saw in the first month some reduction in “love handles” and some fleshing out of my chest. I’d love to see some growth in the arms, but I bet I might need to switch to an all-kettlebell routine in month 3 or 4.

The questions I need to answer: What does success look like? Will I know it when I see it? Is it a number on the scale or on the tape measure?

Will I need to switch to a different routine to sculpt the arms or abs? How far do I want to take this?

The original goal was to see what changed, if anything, after 30 days. Now I need to set a new goal.

For now, the goal is: Let’s see how I look on Halloween.

Stud or freak, toned test subject or fitness zombie?