Day 31: More of me to love

Day 31

  • Weight: 127.6 lbs.
  • No workout today; next: Workout A on Oct. 4
  • Total inches: 120.0
  • Protein: 143 g (21 g over target)
  • Calories: 2,523

I haven’t read “Moneyball.” I haven’t seen “Moneyball.” But I bet I would enjoy “Moneyball.” [all aff. links]

Rather than bore you with baseball statistics, I’d prefer to bore you with my physiological statistics.

weight Oct. 1, 2012

Weight through Oct. 1

Measurement Sept. 1 Oct. 1 Change
Weight (pounds) 121.8 127.6* +5.8
Body fat percentage 23.5 24.5** +1 percentage point
Fat weight 28.6 31.3 +2.7
Lean weight 93.2 96.3 +3.1
Total inches 113.6*** 120.0 +6.4

That’s not bad: 3.1 pounds of muscle in 30 days! Will muscle growth accelerate, slow or remain steady in the next 30 days?

*The Lakeshore scale said 127.0 pounds, but I’m using my own scale for consistency.

**In the Poor range for my age group/gender, but Excellent if I were a 67-year-old woman.

***I was terrible at measuring my legs for the first few days, till I found a way to standardize it. So take that early number as probably too low because of my errors.

Exercise Sept. 1 Oct. 1 Change
Yates row 7 x 55 lbs. 7 x 85 lbs. +54.5 percent
Barbell overhead press 7 x 30 lbs. 4.3 x 50 lbs. +66.7 percent
Slight incline bench press 3.2 x 30 lbs. 4.2 x 50 lbs. +66.7 percent
Squat 10 x 45 lbs. 10 x 65 lbs. +44.4 percent
Kettlebell swing 32 x 20 lbs. 50 x 30 lbs. +50.0 percent

That’s an overall increase of 55.6 percent in pounds lifted with a total workout time of 3 hours, 42 minutes.

The project has cost me $216.63 so far. What surprised me here was a $41.55 savings in the average monthly food bill (both groceries and dining out).

You can see all the numbers updated in real time on the Measurements page.

My plan for October: Do a workout every 6 days. Eat a lot. Take a daily photo. And post on workout days, so expect five or six more updates this month.

The numbers are encouraging, and I am growing, inside and out.