Day 105: Eat like it’s your job

Day 105 - front

  • Weight: 133.2 lbs.
  • Workout C: 11 minutes, 40 seconds; next: Workout C, Dec. 17
  • Total inches: 122.4
  • Protein: 126 g (0 g over target)
  • Calories: 2,261

After 2 weeks of 2,200-calorie days, the next step is simple: 2,300-calorie days.

Surprisingly, my weight has remained stable the last 6 weeks, when I’d prefer it go up. And, of course, with more lean pounds than fat pounds.

A recap:

  • Days 1-14: no calorie counting, no weight gain;
  • Days 15-30: calorie counting, but no target, resulting in steady weight gain;
  • Days 31-61: 2,500 calories a day, resulting in steady weight gain;
  • Days 62-76: 2,000 calories a day, no weight gain;
  • Days 77-91: 2,100 calories a day, no weight gain;
  • Days 92-105: 2,200 calories a day, no weight gain.

The target protein has been a minimum of 122 g to 126 g a day, with the overall average being 136.6 g to date.

The sweet spot would be gaining muscle and losing fat simultaneously. It might be happening now, but I won’t know until I check my body fat percentage again, perhaps in 2 weeks.

It will not be difficult to ramp up calories again. Having already done a month at 2,500 calories, these small tweaks are really nothing. I just didn’t realize that the range of calories I consumed these last 6 weeks would have no effect on my overall weight.

My job continues to be to eat sufficient protein and calories every day. So far, it has been a minor hassle in accounting but enjoyable nonetheless.

Day 105 - side