Day 13: Memos to myself

day 13

  • Weight: 124.0 lbs.
  • No workout today
  • Total inches: 117.8
  • Protein: 195 g (77 g over target)

As obsessive as I am about getting my numbers and daily topless photo, I’ve been remiss in a few other details chronicling Project Bulk.

• I tried to capture video of my most recent workout, but discovered at the end that the camera had frozen. First time that’s happened: I had to pull the battery just to get it to shut off.

• I haven’t taken any food shots, but I can work on that. So you haven’t seen my Balance Bars, barbecue chicken and baked potatoes, barbecue chicken and oven fries, bratwursts (that I didn’t make), veggie pizza (that I didn’t make), protein shakes and so on.

• Also, I meant to take a side profile photo once a week, but have not done so since Day 1. I don’t think we’ll see much change there, but it can’t hurt.

• Somehow, I’ve managed to remember my workout days in my head. I do have them in my calendar, but I know without checking that Saturday is the next session and that it will be Workout A, another chance to redeem myself.

The one thing that I’ve been rock solid on is turning out these posts. Body by blogging!