Day 9: Temptations

Day 9

  • Weight: 123.0 lbs.
  • No workout today
  • Total inches: 116.6
  • Protein: 145 g (27 g over target)

I wouldn’t begin to know the temptations that dieters face every day.

The only temptations I face are working out more and eating more. Just to see if I can move the numbers a little faster.

With blogging, more can often be better. More posts, more topics, more SEO traction, more traffic.

With adding muscles, I’m taking the steady route. For me, that means sticking to a strict exercise schedule, though it feels infrequent.

And that also means eating more than I normally do. “Eat like it’s your job,” advises “The 4-Hour Body” [Amazon | iTunes aff. links]. It hasn’t reached gut-busting proportions yet, but anything more than normal feels like a lot to a light eater such as myself.

The temptations I have aren’t huge, but they are present. I wonder if they’ll deepen as this experiment goes further.